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Oneida’s Thank Your Parents construct is an aesthetic object, a historical meditation, and a narrative experience. Available in modular component parts – three separate CD/LP releases – but envisioned as a cohesive whole, the triptych (as the band has dubbed it) offers a 200-minute portrait of Oneida as a form of “rock band.”

In a sense, the path of the band is utterly predictable: abandon and aggression expand to encompass relentless exploration; this is followed by a series of ecstatic revelations that eventually give way to a contemplative, brooding acceptance of something that is impossible to name or define in any way other than through an item such as Thank Your Parents: an irreducible whole.

Redolent of Oneida’s characteristic irreverence, the title of the triptych also offers a relatively straightforward acknowledgment of the cyclical, repetitive nature of the life experience and the timelessness of revelation. The expression of gratitude through performance of ritual or art appears to be a universal human urge, so please don’t blame Oneida – but feel free to thank them. info@enemyhogs.com

We urge you to explore the different facets of the Thank Your Parents series by clicking on the releases to the right under the discography header.


released June 5, 2008



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Oneida New York, New York

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